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You're wearing THAT?!

9.29.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Like many women today, I’m constantly in chase mode. My to do list is the dangling carrot that keeps me running around the clock, never having a moment to feel the bliss of accomplishment before needing to chase down the next goal. Unfortunately, life’s race doesn’t always accommodate our choice of attire. Like most people, I’ve found myself resorting to rather unsavory wardrobe selections when in the midst of a hectic schedule: During college I could’ve been mistaken for a gym rat with the number of spandex stretchy pants I sported to class (at least they weren’t sweats, right?); When segueing into the 9 to 5 lifestyle, “business casual” was a style concept I couldn’t fully translate, as evident by my discount store dress pants and ill-fitting button-downs; My own mother even mocks my socially-unacceptable comfort pieces, including my infamous black leather New Balance walking shoes (as seen on your favorite waitress at the local IHOP).

Needless to say, fashion can sometimes fall to the bottom of a to do list when convenience and comfort are priority. But I’ve found that when I allow my personal style to take a backseat, my personality fades along with it. Just like working out or spending time with friends should be priorities, dressing your best is important to achieving balance and an overall sunny disposition. Tog & Porter offers women an easy way to add efficiency to their wardrobe routine while helping them develop a style that’s uniquely their own. If only I had a Tog & Porter stylist to guide me through those days of saggy bottom slacks, perhaps I would’ve asked for that well-deserved raise…


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