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What To Wear, What To Serve: Salmon

If you are looking for a delicious alternative to hamburgers, we’ve got a recipe for you. Next time you are thinking of making burgers but are looking for a healthier option, try a salmon burger! These bad boys are delicious, everyone will be begging you for more. Make your burger exactly how you would, except add a grilled piece of salmon in place of a hamburger patty.

The Meal

After lightly seasoning our salmon with salt and pepper we grill our fish to perfection. We then rest our fish onto a whole wheat bun and add our favorite toppings. Here’s are some of our favorite salmon burger toppings:

Romaine Lettuce


Red onions



Lemon juice

For an even better taste make this yogurt-cucumber-dill sauce we found on Yes, More Please.

The Outfit

Now that we have a taste meal to make, we need to figure out what to wear.

T+P's What To Wear, What To Serve: Salmon Burgers


Serve your burger’s in casual attire. We found this white top with lace detailing and paired it with comfy, yet cute boyfriend jeans and pink flats (to match the salmon!). Wear this outfit with simple accessories. There you go, a meal and an outfit!
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