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Would it Kill you to Throw a Compliment Around!

7.14.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Today your job is to toss a compliment to a total stranger. Compliment their haircut, their dress, their eyes, their total and utter brilliance. Do it with sincerity. Do it because it makes you and the recipient smile an extra time during the day.

Nothing feels better than getting noticed, especially against the backdrop of weekday monotony. sometimes we get so caught up in our hamster wheel of commute, routine & technology that we inadvertantly distance ourselves from human contact.

My job is to work in a virtual format,which means I’m surfing, blogging, IMing, emailing and blackberrying (yes, we’re pretending that’s a real word here) all day long. Today I Skyped with one of our TCW Experts and I was able to say to her face, “you look so nice!” It was so refreshing to be able to say that wrapped up in our tech-based company we’re bringing the personalization back to retail. The ability to connect with another human is basic biological need it gives us the affirmation and confidence that we all need to want to work harder and be better.

So, today, compliment the barista on her coffee, the lady juggling her kids on her immense talent and so on and so forth. Make someone smile and feel worthwhile.

To top this all off I want to give a shout out to the total stranger who complimented my dress today. You inspired this post and reminded me to pass along the joy.

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