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Winter Warm Up (Ski Trip)

10.21.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie What We Do

Yay! Winter is coming and that means it’s time to hit the slopes.  Now, whether you are a skier or just going for a fun winter getaway, staying warm and looking great can be a little complicated. That’s where your T+P stylist come in.  They can help you create warm stylish outfits for when you hit the slopes, play in the snow, or lounging around the cabin.  Whatever you may have in mind for your ski trip, our stylist can help you create fabulous outfits that will keep you nice and toasty.


Ski wear can be so thick and make you look bulky.  Start with a long sleeve thermal top then throw on a thin jacket that has an inner shell.  Same thing for the bottoms, put on a pair of thermal pants then add thin ski pants over them. This will keep you from looking bulky.  For lounge wear, a pair of cute leggings or sweats paired with a long sleeve thermal top and a boyfriend cardigan sweater over. Then throw on a pair of slippers with fur inside to keep your feet warm.


So, when you start planning your ski trip don’t forget to make an appointment with your T+P stylist, in order to help you look hot when it’s cool.


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