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Winter Trends: Ski Attire

For everyone East of the Mississippi, we don’t have to tell you twice, winter is here! We’re hoping that for a lot of you, that means you get to have a fun, snow filled get away some time this season, and maybe even a run down the ski hill!  Our favorite trend that we noticed? Belting your puffy coats! It’s genius a way to avoid the dreaded Michelin Man aesthetic. Here’s some ski attire inspiration from our Snowy Getaway Pinterest board, to help keep you looking cute  in winter wonderland.

Belting your Puffy Jackets Helps Maintain a Feminine Silhouette


Belting your puffy jackets helps to maintain a feminine silhouette. Fuzzy earmuffs look soft and sweet, with the added bonus of saving you from a wind chill headache.

Fur Details to Keep you Warm and Cozy on the Slopes

Fur Details

Fur details keep you warm and cozy on the slopes. Aviator glasses protect your eyes from harmful rays and make you look like a pro.

Winter Whites

Winter Whites

And finally, look as bright as the fresh powder in a winter white parka.


(all links via: Tog+Porter Pinterest)




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