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Winter into Spring Transition

3.04.2015 WRITTEN BY Amy Bialek How to Wear, New Trends, Style Guide, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

Adjusting to temperature change can be uneasy on our wardrobes, especially when it boils down to the basic essentials. As the cold months of winter are dwindling down (at least for most of us- winter storm Thor be gone!), the transition from warm to cool bearing clothing can be the last thing on our minds. Luckily for us, we live for the change of seasons.

Here at Tog+Porter, we’re all about easy seasonal transition. We’ve made it simple to help you shed those winter blues into spring time effortless looks. Get inspired with simple wardrobe  basics (think mesh cardigans and your favorite jeans) and pops of color that’ll have you on your way to an easy spring transition renegade.

Tog+Porter helps you with your transition to spring

1. A printed light weight scarf.

We know you have one stashed away. An ideal staple to any season, you can never go wrong with a spring scarf. Printed or solid, a scarf on hand is a must for this spring transition look and beyond.

2. Mesh cardigan. 

It’s a staple piece must-have. Why not incorporate it in your spring basic bucket list? Layering is fundamental and when it comes to your favorite mesh cardigan, it’s never out of season to reap the benefits of a timeless basic trend.

3. Your denim desires. 

The denim trend is here to stay. Our style note: cuff your favorite denim until they align with the top of your ankle. If you’re ready for a denim makeover, add a slit or two by chafing the knee caps of your jeans  [with caution].

4. A B.L.B (bright little bag).

From white to yellow, pack your B.L.B with a fresh start. Minimal is key and natural beauty is forever. Lock in your favorite scent and opt for a fresh face beauty regime. We recommend a nude lip, an awakening scent, and your go-to tech accessory.

5. Colored blouse. 

Adding color is key this spring. If you’re looking for a change, add pops of bright reds, blues, and even yellows. Any winter button down can be easily transitioned into your spring attire.

6. Ankle Booties. 

One of my all time favorites, a pair of ankle booties are perfect for any season. I especially love how they look when paired with ankle cutoff jeans or a sundress with a jean jacket. You can always wear these beauties no matter what time of year it is.

As spring is upon us, we’d love to know what your favorite staple pieces are. Contact your Tog+Porter personal stylist today and let them know what you’d like to see in your next Spring TogBox .

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