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Winged Liner for the Holidays

Winged liner is one of our favorite, classic night time looks at T+P, it’s just so flattering on everyone and elevates the glam level of any outfit. If only it wasn’t such a pain to apply!!

Lauren Conrad Expert Eyeliner

Lauren Conrad Expert Eyeliner


We did a little research, and it turns out there are literally thousands of tutorials out there on how to apply winged liner like a pro. Of the 20+ that we watched, here are the three that we found the most helpful:

The Huffington Post filmed their makeup artists doing a perfect cat eye, includes helpful tips such as use gel liner first for ease of application, then apply liquid over it for more drama:


Beautify and Creatify has a great step by step chart on how to shape your liner:



3. Lastly, Lauren Conrad (featured above) is always sporting an impeccable pair of lined peepers. So naturally, she has a great video tutorial on her website.


Good luck! And may your hands be ever steady…

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