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Why You Shouldn't Complain About Having Nothing to Wear

4.29.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Been there, worn that. We’ve all had those days when it seems like nothing in the closet is even slightly wearable. Your favorite, go-to outfits look dull and worn out, and your mind is stuck on the top you wished you would’ve bought last weekend. This age old dilemma is all too common, yet completely surmountable. When the need to revamp your wardrobe strikes, rather than run to the mall, sometimes all you need to do is call upon a little creativity.

I recently ran across an article about a woman from New York who wore the same dress for 365 days straight. With a mission to promote sustainability and a personal philanthropy, this stylish (and brave) woman found new and interesting ways to don her LBD for an entire year — talk about making use of your closet! She tweaked her look every day by adding different accessories and even changed up how she wore the dress (fortunately for her, it could be worn backwards).

Her innovation inspired me to take a second look at my wardrobe and recognize the endless possibilities that hang in my walk-in: The simple blouse that I always pair with jeans could also look great when piled with an assortment of necklaces; the shift I save for special occasions can be dressed down just as easily when worn as a tunic over leggings.

If you’re ever struggling to piece together an outfit, think about the style savvy New Yorker who found new ways to wear an old piece day after day…after day. Once you explore the multitude of ways you can wear your favorite items, you’ll be able to revamp and reinvent your style every time you get dressed.


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One Response to “Why You Shouldn't Complain About Having Nothing to Wear”
  • Whitney

    This is SO true. You should come help me! Every Friday i say “I have nothing to wear tonight… Let’s go shopping.” But recently I have tried to change the way I wear my tops (i.e. something I usually wear with jeans I try pairing with a high waist cotton skirt). My bank account has thanked me!

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