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Posted on August 7, 2019 Posted by Renee Franklin

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4th of July Looks

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Need a cute outfit this 4th of July? Schedule a style consultation with your T+P stylist before the 16th in order to ensure your red, white and blues arrive on time. Need more warm weather outfit inspiration? Check out our Summer Style board on Pinterest! (links via: Pinterest)  

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How to Wear, T+P Blog Central, What We Do

          Happy February! We’re feeling the love here at the Tog + Porter offices, not only for each other but for you, our clients, who make all of our hard work worth it. To show you just how much we care, we’re including a special surprise gift for you and aRead entire article »

Tog+Porter Featured on ABC7

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T+P is always looking for ways to reach out to those in need of a personal styling. The ABC7 network was kind enough to feature Tog+Porter in a segment last Thursday entitled  “Bay Area companies shop so you won’t have to”. The clip features T+P co-founder Ellie Williams, talking about our passion for bringing personalRead entire article »

New Trend: The Sneaker

Last year brought us the wedge sneaker- love it or hate it, it definitely made its mark in fashionable footwear. This year, the wedge is gone and classic sneaker models like the basic New Balance shoe, Vans slip-ons, and old school Nikes are getting mixed into high fashion looks.   At T+P, we’re a fanRead entire article »

We Inspire you for the Holidays

Now that we are officially into holiday season, we want to share with our beloved T+P gals our special holiday style pinterest boards we’ve been putting together. Meant to inspire our clients, these boards include everything from Thanksgiving outfit inspiration, to what to wear to autumn sports games, to recipe ideas, and even fall weddings! ForRead entire article »

The Perfect Day: A Tog+Porter Short

This is our girl: She’s all buttoned up, and a little bit fastidious… She has spent so much time carefully planning her “Perfect Day”; which coffee to drink, what parks to sit in, which movies to go to, etc… But is anything ever “perfect”? Maybe what she needs isn’t perfection, but a change… A littleRead entire article »

We Inspire You: Tog+Porter’s Pinterest Boards

Seeing is believing.  Visualization is a powerful tool for people to achieve their ideals through the images they see.  In 2011, Pinterest changed the way people collected images and created inspiration boards. Tog and Porter uses Pinterest as its main tool to inspire our clients 24/7.  Our inspiration boards include the following: Seasonal Themes OurRead entire article »

Tuesday Tip: Trying New Trends

There are trends we love, and there are trends we read about and obsess over; some of which we can’t get out of our heads, and a few of which we can only imagine trying once.  So, if there is a trend you see as an event only/reunion special/I’ll try anything once sort of fashionRead entire article »

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