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What we do: Rejuvenating Me Time

3.02.2015 WRITTEN BY Amy Bialek T+P Blog Central, What We Do

It’s the beginning of the week and we all know what that means- meetings to attend, house chores to be met, and all the little in betweens that keep us on our toes. But what about me time? Here at Tog+Porter, we dedicate our time to provide you with the styling expertise and advice you need. Not only are we wardrobe builders but we’re style experts on a mission: to create a personal styling experience that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and to add more time for yourself in the day. 

TogandPorter Rejuvenating Me time

Rejuvenate me time with Tog+Porter

As we spring forward into a new season, we can only think of all the fruitful and blossoming trends coming our way. From prints and stripes to colors we thought we’d never wear, this season is all about rejuvenation, change, and a little more of that me time. So whether your planning the weeks activities or getting ready for a business trip, set time aside and explore something new in your closet. Let us know what your style needs are and we’ll do the rest.

Rejuvenate your wardrobe with Tog+Porter

If you’re in need of a wardrobe refresh or just don’t have the time to get started on your spring attire, contact your Tog+Porter personal stylist today.

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