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Posted on August 9, 2019 Posted by Renee Franklin

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Winter Warm Up (Ski Trip)

WRITTEN BY Stephanie
What We Do

Yay! Winter is coming and that means it’s time to hit the slopes.  Now, whether you are a skier or just going for a fun winter getaway, staying warm and looking great can be a little complicated. That’s where your T+P stylist come in.  They can help you create warm stylish outfits for when youRead entire article »

Identifying Wardrobe Essentials

Its a tough situation- you look at your closet and its a jumble of cute sweaters, blouses, skirts etc… but you can’t find anything to pair them with. You’ve already changed your outfit 4 times and you’re fed up. Sound familiar? It probably means that you are lacking a few wardrobe essentials. Those perfect piecesRead entire article »

How to Wear Boyfriend Sweaters

Come autumn, one of our first inclinations is to cozy up. What better way to stay warm and comfortable than with the oversize “boyfriend sweater”? We’re just glad it’s in style, because we’d probably be wearing it anyway!   Contrary to what you may think, boyfriend sweaters do not make you look bigger. The oversizeRead entire article »

We’ve got your Back: The Fashion Emergency

A few weeks ago, one of our clients, Jamie Wong of the travel agency Vayable, had a fashion emergency and needed our help. Jamie was being interviewed by Glamour.com’s Jen Weinberg for a special post on Jamie’s style, travel essentials, and home. A day before the shoot, Jamie called Tog+Porter asking for help. Because JamieRead entire article »

What We Do

What We Do

The job of a personal stylist is to help their clients define their individual style. At Tog + Porter, our stylists do this by building your wardrobe around the woman you want to be. They start by identifying any gaps in your wardrobe, helping you build outfits around your favorite existing pieces, and encouraging youRead entire article »

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