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What We Do: A Stylist’s Perspective

2.25.2013 WRITTEN BY Maureen T+P Blog Central, What We Do

What do we do as Tog + Porter stylists? We build confidence.


It’s no secret that the way you look elevates the way you feel and the better you feel, the more confident you are.

Clothing and style set the mood. They are the pieces of personality that shine through before you even say “hello.”  As stylists, we guide you in selecting the best garments for your body type, coloring and lifestyle. We work directly with you to ensure sure your personality and taste is reflected in them, but we also curate and help you put together the right combinations to achieve just the right look.

Getting there on your own isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and practice. Often times intimidated women write their story around simplicity or convenience; however as a stylist it is so exciting and rewarding when these same women begin to understand how amazing they can look AND feel by finding their style and learning how to pull outfits together.

Tog + Porter takes the time to listen, understand and translate a client’s words into a vision.  We have the pleasure of getting to know our clients both on a personal and professional level and take trips not only into their closets, but also their lives in order to fully comprehend who they are and how to help them project the best version of themselves.

It’s not only a pleasure to help and get to know these women, but a true joy.


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