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8.12.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah What We Do

The job of a personal stylist is to help their clients define their individual style. At Tog + Porter, our stylists do this by building your wardrobe around the woman you want to be. They start by identifying any gaps in your wardrobe, helping you build outfits around your favorite existing pieces, and encouraging you to develop a signature look. They make sure you always have some go-to outfits on hand for those days when you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.


Our stylists are able to provide this awesomely tailored service by connecting with clients face-to-face in real time and then shopping for each client with an insightful, yet discerning eye. This process allows you, our client, to describe in detail what you need, voice any concerns you have and receive valuable expert advice. It also means we don’t have a warehouse stocked with clothes we’re trying to sell to you. We don’t use any fancy¬†algorithms to predict what you may need or like or buy product in bulk six months ahead of time and hope to sell it. Instead each piece is sourced just for you. Because of our dedication to being true personal stylists, the T+P process takes some time because each box is being thoughtfully assembled. But don’t all good things take time?


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