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What to Wear to a Church Wedding

6.04.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

Wedding season and all its glory is here friends! And let’s be honest, before you’ve even decided if you’ll be having fish or meat as your entree, you’ve already asked yourself ‘What am I going to wear?’ at least five times.

To help you prepare for any* upcoming weddings, (*excluding any crazy themed weddings like this or this–sorry, you’re on your own), we’re dedicating the next couple of posts to ‘What to Wear to a _________ Wedding.’

First up, the church wedding. To help us tackle this type of wedding, we’ve enlisted the help of our very talented stylist Camilla.

“By and large, church weddings are going to be more formal than an outdoor or beach wedding.  When choosing your wardrobe for one, you want to consider both the actual church service and the reception afterwards so you are feeling comfortable and confident at both.  For a church wedding during the day, a fun color or print, but conservative cut is best.”

1) This floral number is as pretty as a summers day and offers enough coverage for sitting in a pew.
2)  Top this colorblock dress with a cropped cardi in either purple or back for the ceremony and then take it off and be reception ready!
3)  This cheeky striped dress offers enough coverage to be church appropriate, but the ruffled bottom and belt make it the perfect dress to drink some bubbly in when the  party starts.

“For an evening church wedding, you still want to stay on the conservative side with the cut, but can opt for more evening appropriate fabrics such as lace, chiffon, and even a touch of tasteful beading.  You can go strapless, sleeveless, or even one-shouldered, but you will want to cover the top half with a coordinating cardi, pashmina, caplet, etc, which you can shed as you head into the reception and feel party ready!”

4)  Embrace the high/lo trend while having enough coverage that you won’t feel like you are upstaging the bride… although that glorious mango color is sure to make you a standout.
5)  Lace is always a good idea, and this ultra feminine dress with its gorgeous scalloped neckline and hemline will make you a real standout amongst the guests.
6)  This rich blue, one shoulder gown is elegant enough for a black tie wedding, but still understated enough to be respectful.

Do you have a wedding coming up? Do you know what you’re planning to wear? Are you getting the meat or the fish? Let us know in the comments below.

13 Responses to “What to Wear to a Church Wedding”
  • 06.04.2012

    I love weddings! Sadly most of my friends are either already married, or have no plans to get married any time soon, so no weddings for me. Great tips for a church affair though, especially the high low dress, it’s conservative while still being fun and trendy.

    Also, that underwater wedding is crazy!


  • 06.04.2012

    Love the colorblock dress! It’s definitely my fave and so classy. No more weddings for me this year, but I should find something I love now for next summer’s affairs!

  • YBW

    Love the rich blue, one shoulder gown. I am attending 10 wedding this year, so greatly appreciate the tips!!

  • Nina

    Nos. 2, 3 &5 work for me! I never wear long so it won’t matter what occasion it is. You have to be comfortable in the dress above all! (and shoes so you can dance at the wedding)

  • 06.04.2012

    Great picks Nina, very timeless pieces. ; )

  • Maureen

    I like to cheat and wear blush to a wedding, but with a funky shoe so as to not compete with the bride!

    No weddings for me this summer but I kind of want #4 just because!!

  • Jan

    Great article! Answers questions for me. Now give us some tips for the older ladies out there. We attend bunches of weddings (all our friends have kids!)

    • 06.06.2012

      Thanks for stopping in Jan! We’ll work on it, that’s a great point!

  • Sara B.

    OMG! Perfect timing. I’m going to a wedding this Saturday!

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