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Weekend Getaway

4.25.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie Style Guide, T+P Blog Central

When your beau asked you to meet his parents, butterflies rumbled in your stomach. You were excited, a little nervous, elated, and the sound of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons flooded your mind… could a wedding be in your future?

Thanks to our Meeting the Parents style guide you had the perfect ensemble. Classy, feminine, and lady-like. Brunch with his parents was delightful and so fun! He was at ease, his parents down-to-earth and excited to meet you, and you felt like a princess.

The following day he shared that his parents absolutely loved you and have invited the two of you up to their Lake Tahoe lake house for a weekend getaway.

The week leading up to the lake getaway you pamper yourself with a mani/pedi, highlights and a cut, and wax all the right places. The Mr. shares to pack casual but says there will be a lakeside BBQ oyster shucking party with his parent’s neighbors the first night, boating on the lake the next day, followed by an intimate dinner at the house and dominoes fireside with after dinner drinks.

Casual isn’t really in your vocabulary and as much as you love your walks in nature, heading to “the woods” isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems for a city girl! Channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw you put on the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie visits Aidan’s country cottage.

Aidan and Carrie

You hope to fare better than Carrie did when she visited Aidan’s cabin. Clearly, comfort is key, but you don’t want to compromise your keen fashion sense that he has grown so fond of.

Before we start worrying about what to wear, we asked dating expert Amy Andersen of Linx Dating for some tips on how to approach such a scenario.

Not only do you need to plan some cute outfits but you also want to bring his parents a nice little gift to say Thank You for the lovely invitation and weekend at their lake house. What to get them that is a kind gesture but still not trying too hard?

And considering that you don’t know what their lake house is like at all or his mother’s discerning taste, you’re feeling the pressure. You do know that his parents are East Coast types who moved out to San Francisco ten years ago for his father’s job in private equity. Like father, like son. His parents definitely are on the more conservative side and money no object.

You’ll also want to surprise your beau with a little something unexpected… afterall, it is your 6 month anniversary that Saturday!

Feeling overwhelmed? Let Tog + Porter worry about your wardrobe, while you pick out the perfect gifts. Our own Camilla Basse has you covered for each activity.

For the oyster roast, she suggests your favorite and most comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans, a classic white button-down and a cozy sweater.

Oyster Party

On day 2, a chambray button-down, your beloved go-to denim shorts and metallic boating shoes for the boat excursion. Wear your new summer bathing suit (and sunscreen) underneath.

BoatinginLakeTahoeFor dinner, Camilla says you can wear the same chambray top from earlier back to a white cotton or lace skirt or go for a sleeveless plaid or tribal print top with your denim shorts.

Intimate Dinner

One statement piece is always a good idea she says and nothing says statement piece like a beaded shirt toned down and made cabin appropriate with denim.

With your packing list complete, it’s time to set out on what is destined to be one weekend to remember.

Need help packing for an upcoming getaway? One of our amazing stylists would love to help you. Scheduling your appointment online is only a click away.

Written in collaboration with Amy Andersen and Camilla Basse.

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