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Why to Wear Yellow

One of the most common things our T+P stylists hear from our lovely clients is “I can’t wear yellow”. Well… we know that’s not entirely true. Maybe you just haven’t found the right yellow. Yellow is one of the happiest shades on the color spectrum, in fact, studies show It’s the color tied most this fun times, happy and energetic days, warmth and optimism- not to mention that the brain actually releases more serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain) when around this color. We don’t need anymore reasons to wear it, do you?

Yellow clothing

There is a flattering and sunny shade of yellow out there for every skin tone.

Yellow clothing

Need help finding the right shade of yellow for your complexion? That’s what stylists are for ! Contact your T+P stylist and add some sunny¬† hues to your wardrobe this spring.

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