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What We Do: Wardrobe Redesign

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Spring has finally arrived! As we continue our journey to reawakening and rebirth, there’s no better time then to reevaluate our progress and ask ourselves do I feel rejuvenated? Here at Tog + Porter, not only do we want you to be the perfect you but we’re your eyes for great style and wardrobe redesign. As we strive to curate the ideal Tog Box, we also want to ensure each and every garment matches  your closet staples and can be seamlessly worn with all your current pieces.

Tog + Porter Style Guide

Tog + Porter style guides are great ways to help with wardrobe redesigns. Learn how to incorporate new pieces with your current wardrobe and vice versa. 

Tog and Porter Style Guides for Wardrobe redesigns

What is wardrobe redesign? It’s simple. We find pieces that flow within your existing wardrobe but also meet your style needs. Each piece that is chosen from your Tog + Porter personal stylist is chosen based entirely off your existing and new wardrobe. We start with the basics that can be transitioned from day to night. Then, we review our decision and go back to the drawing board if one piece doesn’t fit the puzzle.

If you are ready for a wardrobe redesign, contact a Tog + Porter personal stylist and let us help you get on your way to a wardrobe you want and deserve.

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