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Vacation Packing 101

5.02.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear, Just for Fun

Tog + Porter stylist, Katie, knows that packing for a vacation can be a daunting task. Add children into the mix and you are really in trouble. Check out some of her tips and tricks for packing a fabulous suitcase with ease.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and summer vacation is the new topic of conversation, I have to make a confession.  I have the travel bug.  Badly.  Most of the shows on our Tivo are from the Travel Channel.  This, coupled with the fact I recently discovered House Hunters International on HGTV…well…let’s just say I am dreaming of Greece, Paris, Tuscany…you name it.  This summer though, with a toddler, a busy husband, and 1,000 household projects needing to get done, it doesn’t look like we are going on any glamorous trips anytime soon.  Small, easy vacations are the name of the game this year! With any vacation, it is important to pack light, and pick items that can be used multiple different ways so you aren’t stuck with a suitcase the size of a small house.

What can I pack that looks amazing, but can still stand up to a 10 hour car ride and not make me look like a rumpled, sweaty mess?  What can I wear that is comfortable and flattering, and can be worn while traipsing around in the sand collecting seashells with my little one? However, kids or no kids, when traveling everyone wants easy, comfortable pieces. One thing I do before a trip is I write down (yes, I actually do this- for fun,) the outfits I plan on wearing on my upcoming (not-so-exotic) getaways. Doing this helps me keep organized, cuts down getting ready time on trips, and ensures that I actually wear everything I pack.

Here are some of the travel-friendly pieces I have my eye on:

Beach?  Check.  Dinner out?  Check.  Comfy and oh-so-chic?  Check.

This top is lightweight and airy. Perfect for the scorching days ahead.

This dandelion color is unexpected, chic and perfect for summer.

Imagine this paired with a pair of red wedges and a big floppy hat. Fabulous!

Crisp white shorts can be paired with almost anything, and in a longer length you can be sure they are appropriate for any venue. Pair with a belted tunic and you have the perfect summer look!

Whether you are headed to the local park, or preparing for a tropical getaway- have safe, happy & fashionable travels!

– Katie

If you want to find out some more tips from Katie, get in touch with her here at katie@togandporter.com!

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