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Fall Colors

10.06.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett New Trends, Style Guide

With the first days of fall already behind us, an update on fall colors is a bit overdue. Don’t hate us; we’ve been in a total state of denial over summer ending. Good news, though—we found an antidote to the-summer-ending-blues—a rich new color palette worth falling for. To get ourselves all caught up, we turned to the holy grail of color—Pantone—for the full scoop on 2016’s fall colors.

Two new shades of blue will be taking center stage this fall. Riverside—which has a cool, calming effect and Airy Blue—which has an ethereal weightlessness to it and is supposed to make you feel as if you’re floating.

Fall Colors via Pantone

The four other new Pantone shades include Sharkskin, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard and Bodacious. Lush Meadow, which resembles a cross between forest and Kelly green evokes a fresh look that shows confidence and promotes a more natural green. Lush Meadow is one of our favorites of the season and we can easily see incorporating it into our client’s everyday outfits. It’s also a beautiful color for formal events.  Never too early to start thinking about the holidays.

Spicy Mustard, as the name implies, is perfect for “spicing up” any outfit. We hope to see more accessories in this color. Bodacious was the most unexpected color from this season’s palette. We can’t wait to see it paired back to pinks and rich purples.

Fall Colors

via Pantone

Some returning colors in the 2016 fall palette: Warm Taupe, Potter’s Clay, and Aurora Red. We’re over the moon about these earthy neutrals, which perfectly compliment the season’s other bold colors, like Aurora Red.

Which of these colors or color combinations are you most excited about?

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