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Up and at 'em Ladies – Bra fitting tips from our T+P expert!

4.20.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

Bra fitting tips from our resident lingerie expert and T+P Stylist, Amy, whose background working for designer lingerie labels, Cosabella, Marie Jo and Prima Donna makes her a top notch source for finding the perfect fit.

Ladies, this is such a great topic to discuss!  To make your breasts look larger or smaller to balance your figure, the first step is to get properly fitted; a perfect bra comes from a proper fitting.  Finding the right bra isn’t easy but it’s worth the effort!  You’ll look fantastic in your clothes and you’ll feel good all day.

Fact: Our breast will change shape, size and distribution more than 6 times in our life due to weight gain/loss, exercise, birth control, hormone treatment, child birth, dietary changes and/or medication.

Wearing a supportive bra, the proper size and right style for your shape can shed off 10 pounds! Check out the tips below that could change your appearance and have your body look proportioned.

Tip 1: Wearing the right fitting bra will lift the center of the breast tissue and will increase the perceived length of your torso making you look taller and thinner instantly.

Tip 2: I know we all say, “If I wear my bra too tight it will show back fat.” Ladies, when your bra rides up your back because you are buying it too big, this actually shows more back fat! We make the mistake of buying a bra too big around your chest because we think that will help your breast fit in the cup.  Not true…it’s best to have the support around the chest so your breasts only have one way to go, UP!

Tip 3: You’ll have instant comfort when you wear the right style, you’ll stand taller and your breast definition will be maximized! Your friends and lovers will say…”Did you lose weight”?

Enhancing a small chest

If your chest is smaller than your hips, look for the following styles of bras that: Balconette: which means dramatic uplift and cleavage. Padding: shape-enhancing pads or lining to increase your breast size and cleavage.  This will create a natural looking silhouette…

Whimsy by Lunaire at barenecessities.com

Controlling a large chest

Women who are fuller chested should concentrate on bras that have a 3 PART CONSTRUCTION; one part to cover the breast that is closest to your armpit and bring it forward, 2nd part is to bring the breast center and round and the 3rd part is to avoid “double boob”  to give the breast to a full round look.
Another style to look for is FULL CUP this can range from sizes band size 38 up to a 56 band size.  This will enable the breast to be “up and center” with complete comfort and support.
There are MINIMIZERS as well to completely cover your breast with no cleavage , making your breast seem smaller then they actually are.
Wacoal Elegance Hidden Minimizer Bra

Tip 5: Be good to your body! If you are wearing a bra that’s giving you “Double Boob” your cup size is too small.  Now, repeat after me: to make your breasts look better…smaller back, bigger cup!  Trust me!

If you want to feel better about how your breast look, invest in a great bra…have patience because finding a bra is like finding the right pair of jeans!  Be kind to yourself and love every inch of you!

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  • Joelle

    Great advice!! thanks for sharing.

  • 04.22.2011

    Such important advice! All your clothes will look better with a properly fitted bra – so often it’s a neglected part of woman’s wardrobe. Very well put!

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