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Ultimate Flip Flop Guide 2011

7.12.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley What to Wear

Brought to you by T+P Stylist, Camilla. Based in the heart of Texas, Camilla knows a thing or two about the heat and brings her expertise to your soles in her Ultimate Flip Flop Guide 2011.

“Then followed that beautiful season, called by the pious Acadian peasants the Summer of All-Saints! Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new-created in all the freshness of childhood.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As we bask in the summer season filled with that dreamy and magical light, our feet are crying out to be freed from the confines of those enclosed shoes we have worn all fall and winter long.  And what better way to let freedom ring than with a nifty pair of flip flops!  The outstanding thing about these easy to wear shoes, which have been gracing feet since the 1930s, is that they come in loads of colors, prints, and most importantly, price points.  Here are my top picks for Summer 2011:

Old Navy

Ranging in price from $3.50-$9.50 and available in a wide variety of colors and prints, you can afford to have several pairs lying around to throw on as you head outdoors. These basics are sold out almost everywhere, so snatch up a few pairs fast.


Coming in at $48.00, I am drawn to the muted color palette these lovelies. Known as foundation for your feet, the neutral skin tones are meant to lengthen your legs.

Tory Burch Foundation Flip Flop

Tory’s signature flip-flop has been adorning many a feet for the past few summers.  You can pick up an iconic pair for $45.00 in a variety of colors and prints.


Missoni for Havaianas

My favorites of this season, Havaianas partnered with Missoni to create a limited edition flip flop for $70.00 a pair.  I have been wearing mine all summer long and am hard pressed to take them off!


Spotted more than once on one of our favorite T+P Style Icons, Reese Witherspoon, the Bernardo leather flip flop is adored for is simplicity, comfort and sophistication. Paired with everything from a maxi dress to denim shorts, this shoe is positively versatile at $109.


For a more dressed up feel, Gucci offers their signature green/red web with their double G ornament.  At $350.00, you will want to take extra special care of these beauties to wear for several summers to come.

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