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Ugg Etiquette

1.20.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

You know the feeling. It’s early, it’s cold out and you don’t really feel like putting your heels on today, so you opt for your sheepskin-lined Uggs. I understand. Trust me, I do. However, there is definitely a time when Uggs are simply not appropriate attire. Here is my opinion of good and bad times and ways to wear them. Please remember that this is just my opinion. Everyone has different lifestyles that might make their desire to wear Uggs different.

HOW not to wear Uggs:

Here is a no brainer. Uggs combined with short skirts is never cute, and quite frankly, you look dumb. I just don’t get this look – are you hot or cold?

There are a few things wrong with this picture. The first is that this girl even stepped out of the house this way. This looks just dumpy. The second is how bad of condition her boots are in. If you make the decision to wear Uggs in public, please make sure they are in good condition.

My Tip: Buy black or grey because they don’t show signs of wear as quickly as the lighter colors.

Stained Uggs really bother me, but there is nothing worse than Uggs that have been worn so much that they are all slouchy and the person is walking on the upper part. Like this ^

If you are going to wear Uggs, please do not tuck baggy jeans, or baggy sweats into them.

Opt for leggings or skinny jeans that do not give all that excess bulge. Like this:

Also, FYI the fold over fur look is no good.

Now on to WHERE  it is appropriate (or inappropriate) to wear Uggs:

I believe that you should not wear Uggs anywhere where you are trying to make an impression on someone. That means not to work, not to interviews, not on dates, and certainly not going out at night.

I try not to wear my Uggs out of the comfort of my h0me, but I understand that that is not convenient for everyone. If you do wear them out and about, keep in mind how you are wearing them and the condition they are in. Also, make sure you are not wearing them somewhere you are trying to impress!

The true irony of this post, however, is that I am wearing my Uggs RIGHT now! Don’t worry, I’m lounging on the couch!

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