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Tuesday Tip: No More Sweater Fuzz!!!

9.17.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie Tuesday Tips

Fall is here and we are starting to bring out our favorite sweaters, but with bringing out our favorite sweaters, sweater fuzz comes along with it.  Now don’t panic, we have a few techniques to get rid of that nasty sweater fuzz, in order to keep your sweaters looking new.


Our first solution is a pair of scissors or a razor blade.  Lay your sweater flat on a table and pull the sweater fuzz an inch away from the sweater and take the scissors or razor and cut off the fuzz. Repeat this action until your sweater is fuzz free. Just be careful, you don’t want to cut your garment.

A sweater comb is the second solution. It is a lot easier to use and you wont have to worry about cutting your sweater.  You just lay your sweater flat on a table and brush the sweater fuzz off.

Lastly a fabric shaver. Again start by laying your garment on a flat surface and place the fabric shaver on top of it. Start moving the fabric shaver in a circular motion and watch the sweater fuzz disappear.

Now you know how to keep your sweaters looking new and fuzz free 🙂


(Links: ohyoucraftygal, aliexpress, fiskars,  forglitzandgiggles)






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