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Tuesday Tip from a Stylist: How to Beat Static

9.03.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Now that summer is coming to an end, the air is going to get colder and dryer. We all know what this means- static. Its what makes our dress cling in a most unflattering fashion to the backs of our thighs, its what makes our hair stand on end. One of a stylist’s secret weapons for beating static is dryer sheets. Yep, its that simple. Take a fresh dryer sheet and simply rub it on the affected area and voila! No more static. You can even rub it in your hair!


A little side note, in some areas the coming of winter also means storms. Ever wonder why your pet acts weird when a storms coming? It’s usually because of static electricity build up in their fur, so try rubbing them with a dryer sheet too to give them some relief.

(image via: ahamodernliving)

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip from a Stylist: How to Beat Static”
  • 09.03.2013

    I hoard dryer sheets in my bag for this very reason! You never know when the static is going to creep up (I love them for my hair during the winter, too).

    • Noah

      They are a life saver! Nothing more unflattering or annoying as a super static hair-do!

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