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Tuesday Tip: On The Go Stain Removers

10.08.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie Tuesday Tips

Whether it is a lipstick smudge, drop of coffee or a dribble of tomato sauce on your top, nothing can ruin your day like a stain on your clothes.  Being busy women, stains are the last things we need to worry about but don’t worry stain removal pens and wipes are here.  They are a must have in every woman’s bag, in order to get rid of any of the unwanted stains we may get, in less than a minute.  Just think you are in a rush to get to a meeting and you spill some coffee on your blouse but you don’t have time to change.  You’ll have your handy stain removal pen to get rid of that stain.  That way you don’t go into your meeting with a stain on your top.  A few brands of stain removal pens and wipes are Tide, Shout, Dryrel and a few others.  So, next time you go shopping don’t forget to pick up your stain removal pens and wipes to help you get rid of those unexpected stains you may get.


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