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Tuesday Tip: Faux Front Pockets

8.06.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

If you wear tight denim, you’ve probably experienced the irritation that comes with deep front pockets. The pockets bunch up throughout the day, requiring constant straightening, or sometimes you can even see the full outline of them in your white skinnies, am I right?

faux pockets 1

One of our top stylists suggests always cutting out the front pockets for a sleeker fit. Some brands, such as G-star and Hudson are catching on, and skip front pockets all together for their tighter denim, opting for a faux pocket instead. Cutting out your front pockets is not difficult, and you can either do it yourself by trimming the pocket, and then sewing it shut along the pocket’s edge, or take them into the tailor for a quick fix.

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