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Tuesday Quick Tip: Gaping Button Downs

2.26.2013 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Oh, the button down. With clean lines and a tailored cut, they should be flattering on everyone. But those darn buttons are always getting in the way of perfection. You know the spot where perfect fit turns to perfect disaster, leaving a gaping hole with your bra on view for everyone.Equipment TopAfter trying every option from double-sided tape to Velcro to “buying big,” I’ve become a big advocate of the hook-and-eye. An easy solution to a frustrating problem. All you need is a little needle, thread and of course a trusty pack of hook-and-eyes from your fabric store.

The great thing about this solution is that the pressure at the gap actually works in your favor, creating a stronger pull on the hook-and-eye and keeping it firmly in place.

Happy stitching!

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