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7.16.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Could your makeup brushes be causing break outs? Left unwashed for long periods, they can become havens for bacteria. But is cleaning your brushes after every use necessary? We turned to our in-house beauty expert Justin Jay for some advice. Justin says you don’t have to wash your brushes after every use, but you should do so at least once a month. Between washes, he recommends using a brush cleaner. He shared these tips with us for when you do wash your brushes.

Next, Justin says to gently squeeze out any excess water and shape the brush into its natural form to keep the integrity of the bristles.

Finally lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry overnight. Laying them flat or even elevating the ends of the brushes a little ensures water doesn’t leak into the handle of the brush, which can loosen the adhesive over time causing the brush to deteriorate.

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