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Tuesday Quick Tip

4.16.2013 WRITTEN BY Camilla T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Now that we’re in full-on spring mode, it is high time to take stock of our spring wardrobe and fill in any gaps.  Run down this checklist to make sure you have all of your spring essentials firmly in place, which the rest of your wardrobe can be built around.

Our list of spring essentials includes:

1. Floral (tops, skater skirts, jeans. . . you name it)


2. Black and White (tops, dresses, shoes)


3. Lace (shorts, tops, dresses)


4. White skinnies


5. Dressy shorts (brocade is our favorite!)


6. Pop accessories (bright orange clutch, anyone?!?)


If you need help taking stock of your wardrobe or building your spring wardrobe, schedule an appointment with one of our stylists online. It’s just a click away and the consultation/styling part is free!

(images via: longhairstyleshowto, katespade, abourough, tobi, netaporterchictopia)

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