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Tuesday Quick Tip

3.05.2013 WRITTEN BY Maureen T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

There is nothing quite like a brand new pair of jeans.  The dark denim, the crisp fit, the perfect hem and sleek shape–until you sit down, wash your hands or reach into your pocket. Suddenly your perfect pair is giving you the blues – literally. Blue hands and blue nails – that won’t seem to wash away.



Your brand new outfit to land the interview or for the first date is calling you out, and not in a good way! But have no fear – a solution is in sight! Before wearing, toss your polished purchase in the wash and just add SALT.  The simple table ingredient takes any pesky over dye from your denim and leaves them just as sharp as at first glance.


Add about a tablespoon of salt in your washer, with your preferred detergent, wash – rinse – hang dry (ALWAYS) and wear; leaving only your delicious scent lingering behind.

(images via Maureen Borsodi, Neiman Marcus, gq, asianetindia)

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