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Tuesday Quick Tip

2.12.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Is this how you treat your favorite boots?

fallen boots_484We’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another. And to be honest, until recently, the only solutions have been plastic or wooden boot trees, which are not only pricey but in our experience not always that effective. We’ve tried a fair share of them ourselves and discovered some major flaws: too short (leading to a line in the boot, too little give (leading to unnecessary stretching) and too difficult to get in and out, (leading to trouble when in a  hurry). We’re happy to report we recently discovered two new types of shoes trees that are proving to be quite useful. The inflatable boot shaper and the quilted boot shaper.

Inflatable_QuiltedBootTreesThese new boot shapers got us thinking about DIY ideas and after a little googling we found some very creative solutions as well.  Of course our friend over at Love Maegan has a whole tutorial on how to convert water bottles into boot shapers—she even went as far as to cover them in faux fur to make them pretty. Genius and makes taking them in and out a cinch.

shoe closet-boots -DIY Boot staysIf you’re not as crafty, Lucky & Bliss has a cheap and easy solution: plastic chopping boards, also brilliant. Why didn’t we think of that?

ChoppingBoardHope this gives you some ideas on how to keep your boots in shape. If you have style question or need a style tip on something, we’re happy to answer. Just leave a comment or email us at info@togandporter.com

 (Images: luckyandblissful, containerstore, lovemaegan)  

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  • Peri Drucker

    I use rolled up magazines in my boots, which work really well. Just an additional thought for next time.


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