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Tuesday Quick Tip

2.05.2013 WRITTEN BY Maureen T+P Blog Central, T+P Features

Few things are more chic than that “thrown together” look of a “sloppy” sweater (or top) back to something more tailored and defined.  A simple way to create some shape and balance in your look is to try the tuck.  There is a full tuck, half tuck, a ¾ tuck and tie

3_4tuckMainImageCan you guess which tuck this is?

The half tuck can be worn both dressy and casual.
HalfTuckSidebySideAnd don’t forget the 3/4 tuck for an even more effortlessly thrown together look.

3_4 tuckAnd then there is of course the classic full tuck.

FullTuckTry it in unexpected ways, you’d be surprised what you can come up with.


And not really a tuck, but a sassy way to spice things up, the front tie.


How do your hems hang?

(images via pinterest and shopbop)


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