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True Oxblood

9.26.2012 WRITTEN BY Angela How to Wear, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

Oxblood Red is a Fall Favorite and a nice alternative to the trusty khaki and browns slacks in the workplace.   If you want to go Faye Dunaway 70s glam try pairing this shade with a tie-front or striped silk blouse.

This deep shade of red is an easy way to feminize the tricky men-inspired footwear trend.  Try this hue in a lace-up oxford or a combat boot for comfort without sacrificing style.

The lighter neutrals, olive, and black would pair easily with this shade, but let’s not forget to be a daring by trying bright mustard and the lighter shades of blue.

Oxblood Red is not only a trend for the closet but also for Beauty.  Always the showstopper Kate Bosworth broke out this trend early back in May 2012 at the Met Gala.  Want a shade of red you can wear to the office and to Happy Hour?  Try this hue in an eye-catching gloss and high position pony-tail and you will sure to demand attention.

If you’d like help finding some great oxblood red pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, schedule a style consult with one of our stylists.

(Image credit: 9 to 5 Chic and Artists Within Makeup Academy)


2 Responses to “True Oxblood”
  • deb

    I saw a cropped trouser cut in this color at Target last weekend. If my hands weren’t full with bed sheets I would have tried them on! Will definitely be going back. Thanks for the light blue tip – made me think of a pale pale blue top I have that would go perfectly.

    • Angela

      You’re welcome! If you would like an extra pop of color try it with a hint of mustard or keep it neutral with a brown or tan shoe.

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