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Tog+Porter Team’s Holiday Gift Giving

12.27.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

At T+P, we think giving gifts might be the best thing about the holidays. This holiday season, the T+P team shares what their favorite gifts were-


Ashley, co-founder and stylist:

“The most wonderful Christmas gift I ever received was a bell on a leather strap, just like the one in The Polar Express (before the movie:). I was young and on the verge of figuring out the real deal with Santa and it was one of the most magical gifts I’ll ever receive.”

Camilla, stylist:

“I am a firm believer that it is more fun to give than to receive, but I must say the magic carpet yoga mat that I received made my Christmas extra merry and bright!”

Camilla's "magic carpet" yoga mat!

Camilla’s “magic carpet” yoga mat!


Maureen, stylist:

“This year our family went a new route and bought gifts only for children in a crisis center; we collected enough to purchase gifts for 15 kids from bikes to Legos. It was a new experience not having wrapped gifts under the tree nor having the “event” of opening presents; so, I guess this year my favorite “gift” would be the feeling of giving and having the TIME with family!”


Noah, stylist:

“The past three years I have been lucky enough to have all of my immediate family, my boyfriend and a few of our best family friends all in one home for Christmas. I always felt the holidays were about being with your loved ones, so to me this is the best gift I could have received. That being said, I did get a Nespresso machine this year and I absolutely love it!”


Stephanie, T+P intern:

“The best christmas gift I ever received was a necklace that belong to my grandmother.  My aunt sent me a necklace last year that belonged to my grandmother. It is the gift that has meant the most to me, which is why I chose it to be my favorite christmas present ever.”


What’s the greatest gift you’ve ever received? We want to know!


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