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3 Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

11.09.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett How to Wear, Inspiration

There are many factors that make Thanksgiving stressful, here are some tips to get you through it:

One shopping trip doesn’t cut it 

Although it would be ideal, you can’t purchase all the food you’ll need for turkey day in a single trip. The biggest problem isn’t going to be fitting all of the groceries in your car it will be gathering key ingredients while shopping. Prepare for the forgetting of items, plan on doing a last-minute run to the grocery store before your event starts. No one wants to go to the store the day of Thanksgiving but it happens to most so be prepared.

via Food Network

via Food Network

Thaw out the turkey

You would think this would be an easy one but it’s always forgotten. When thawing out a turkey make sure you put it in the fridge for a couple of days because it will take some time. No short cuts on this, if you thaw out the turkey on the counter you risk a high level of bacteria grow or microwave, yes the microwave people have tried many ways to get a quick turkey thawing.

via The Kitchn

via The Kitchn

To much help is a thing

Everyone wants to help but that makes the kitchen too crazy when you’re trying to cook. How to solve this is to move as many activities as you can away from the kitchen. Put drinks and glasses in the dining room so guests can help themselves. Be prepared to make space for people that need to put the finishing touches on their dishes. You can also ask guests to bring dishes that can be served cold or at room temperature to save precious room in the refrigerator.

via OPB

via OPB

There’s enough stress on Thanksgiving, what to wear shouldn’t be part of it . Schedule an appointment or request a box now. Let us know what tips you have for Thanksgiving in the comments below.





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