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What to Wear:
The New Business Casual

3.26.2015 WRITTEN BY Amy Bialek How to Wear, Style Guide, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear, What We Do

When meetings are on the agenda, it’s essential to dress the part. Not only do you set the tone for the hour (or two) but you represent yourself and where you stand in the company. First impressions last and depending where you work, how you dress is quintessential.

Here at Tog + Porter, we’re here to help you step out of the box and leave the black suit behind. Why not lighten up the conference room with a sense of style that’s still appropriate for the work place? To help you get started for your next meeting, we shared three of our favorite new business casual looks that’ll help you get inspired for your next meeting:

Tailored Tease

Dressing accordingly to your company culture is very important. To keep your work attire fresh and professional, we recommend clean and tailored silhouettes. You can never go wrong with pieces that are tailored and fitted. Sticking with the classic pin stripe slack and button up blouse will always be safe in any work environment. To get the tucked and tailored look we recommend a fitted chino, button up shirt, thin knit sweater or tailored blazer, and a petite heel pump.

Tog and Porter Stylist Amy's picks for work wear HOw to dress for a Meeting  Tog + Porter

Chambray + Lace

Instead of the usual pencil skirt and button up shirt, go for a fun and versatile casual look instead. A chambray top paired with a lace skirt is the perfect combination for an out-of-the-box look. We like to think this is the new business casual. After all, being comfortable and looking great is what makes meetings go by that much quicker. 

How to dress for your next meeting with tog +porter Chambray and lace for your next meeting with inspiration from Tog and Porter

Informal Fridays

Wearing jeans to work has set the standard for a new kind of classic. Celebrate the last day of the week with a black tailored blazer, under tank, and  fitted jean for a classic twist. If jeans are acceptable where you work, this look is perfect for the casual meeting that requires no extra effort.

Tog and Porter Personal Stylist Camilla What to Wear to a Meeting Camilla What to Wear to a Meeting style inspiration

 If you’d like to upgrade your work wardrobe this spring, make an appointment with your Tog + Porter Personal Stylist today!

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