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The High School Reunion

8.25.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

I’m attending my first high school reunion this weekend – that’s a big 10 years between knowing everything and realizing I haven’t even scraped the surface.

The best part of this reunion might be hearing how everyone reverts to acting like a teenager, while trying to prove how awesome they are now. Thanks to being tight with the organizer/class treasurer or whatever she was, I get to hear about things like this: One former classmate e-mailed said MTHS ’99 Treasurer asking for a guest list to decide if she would attend. She definitely must be cooler than me now.

Scratch that. The best part of this reunion is the massive amount of personal maintenance I feel must get done before Saturday. The scariest part of that is – what do I look like the other 364 days a year?! The thing is all women do this. We have a wedding to attend or a vacation coming up and our minds go into overdrive.

Must find a new dress, get our hair done, our nails, maybe even that super new Swedish facial technology. Well, here’s a reality check. Life is crazy busy for most of us (and, yes that’s a whole different discussion, do we keep ourselves crazy busy on purpose?) and finding time to do all that is ridiculously impossible.

I mean, really, we’re T-minus 4 days from this little shin dig and my chances of finding an open, awesome stylist are slim to none, but I’m definitely going to try, but only if she has an appointment open on Thursday from 2 to 4 cause that’s the only place I can see to squeeze it in.

Beyond a ridiculous rant, what does all of this mean? Take a minute to figure out how you can simplify your life so you have time to take care of yourself everyday of the year.


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