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The Benefits of Closet Purging

1.17.2013 WRITTEN BY Camilla Inspiration, T+P Blog Central, T+P Features

No doubt we’ve all made (and some of us have already broken!) a handful of New Year’s resolutions.  If closet purging was among one of those resolutions – take heart in knowing that you will receive a multitude of benefits if you keep this one in particular!  I for one looked in my closet after the start of the new year and found shoes that were not on the shoe rack, evening bags in the wrong spot, and a plethora of sparkly numbers strewn about – the effect of a fun, but hectic holiday season.

This scene in a word was: stressful.  Once I dug through the clutter, purged several items, put other items back in their proper homes, the stress began to melt away and the result of my hard work was clear: I was able to find items that I previously could not, I found pieces that I had forgotten I had (making them feel brand new – hooray!), and a few items that I thought were on their way out have been re-purposed for entirely new looks.

There have been studies suggesting that holding onto clutter and useless things can affect your waistline – no thank you!  Your waistline and your wardrobe will thank you for this round of closet purging.

If you need any help deciding what’s a keeper and what to toss, our stylists would be more than happy to help out. Schedule a consult; it’s not to late to keep that resolution.

(images via chocolateatime and brightforest)

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  • deb

    closet purging is SO important!! it actually makes you feel as though you have more clothes.

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