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The art of looking pretty when you're feeling yucky

8.20.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

It’s been one of those mornings. Jumped out of bed at 6:00.

Groggily fed the baby, changed the baby, dressed the baby.

By the way, she is just so perky in the a.m. that I’m convinced she’s taking vitamins or wheatgrass shots before she even gets out of her crib!

What this all boils down to is I did not have a moment to take a shower, which, A. Means I’ve convinced myself I might actually be able to pull off the “dirty look” that has swept our nation (or at least LA-proper) in the form of mussed hair and plaid wrinkled shirts that scream “I LOOK LIKE THIS ON PURPOSE AND BECAUSE I AM AWESOME!” and B. Will probably haunt me around 3:00 this afternoon when I am sweaty again from the heat and a shower is in the far too distant future.

In the meantime, I’ve got to pull it together. Working extra hard to keep my dirty little secret under wraps. A few tips to cling to your pretty when you’re feeling extra yucky.

1. Hair. Pull it back, put it up and utilize all of the fantastic bobby pins, headbands and ponytail holders that are out there. EMBRACE the boost. Dirty hair does two things for you. One — it gives you an opportunity to boost the roots with some serious back-combing that will actually stay and Two — you have a fighting chance with curls that actually want to stay.

2. Love your hairspray. Today’s ‘do is all about keeping it in place so you aren’t running your hands through it all day! Spray with passion.

3. The face. Always wash your face. Take care of that pretty little thing and you will feel one-million times better today and tomorrow afternoon when you aren’t broken out and cursing your horrible judgement the day before. A fresh face gives a clean glow to your whole image.

4. Makeup – Don’t overdo it. You may have a desire to load it on in hopes of compensating for your struggling hair, but that will only make you look like an actual mess. Do what you always do. You don’t want to scare your co-workers into thinking something’s up! Then they’ll get too close and actually figure out your hair is held together with a 17 tiny pieces of metal you’re praying won’t fall out.

5. Walk with purpose. Pretend you’re the only one in the room who looks this fabulous because let’s be real, you definitely are!

Have a fabulous day!


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  • 08.20.2009

    So agree about washing your face. Please try to find time to slap on some moisturiser – you’ll be grateful 10 years from now.
    Meanwhile, good luck with the baby.
    Love your attitude.

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