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The beauty of drawing outside the lines

7.03.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

In just a few days, we will launch Trunk Club Women into beta test, joining our equally wonderful brother company Trunk Club, which has been working with members virtually for the past 8 months.

Most people look at me a little sideways when I explain the TCW concept, but I tend to think that if everyone thinks you’re crazy, that probably means you are on to something. Especially when the light goes on and they’re demanding to know how to sign up (shameless plug: www.trunkclubwomen.com)

I give the utmost gratitude to TC founder, Joanna Van Vleck for her vision and belief in TCW. If there is one thing I have seen so far it’s that smart people, with unending drive and a passion for doing things outside the box are the kind of people I want to surround myself up until I’m golfing in Boca (By the way, I’m a horrible golfer. I’ve tried, hit a few drives that made me feel good only to end up on the 11th hole, fatigue setting in and snatching my ball from the green after six oh-so-close putts – it is not my sport. I will never be able to golf my way into a business deal, but that would be entirely too far inside the box for me anyway.

So, without further adieu I offer you www.trunkclubwomen.com. We’re revolutionizing the way WOMEN shop. I look forward to showing you what it’s like never needing to step foot in a store again. Outside the box with TCW will be one of the best decisions you’ll make to simplify your life.

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