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The Always Tricky Bathing Suit

5.25.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Let’s admit it, cover-ups are the easy part. The actual bathing suit is where things begin to get difficult. Whether you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, the decision is one that can be particularly grueling, and make you leave the dressing room feeling self-conscious. I like to have different bathing suits for different activities. For example, if I know that I am going to be going to a river, lake or something more active, I wear one of my cheaper suits, that I don’t mind getting dirty or worn. However, more expensive suits are definitely made better. You pay for the quality. Here are some of my favorite bathing suit styles, varying in price range.

Juicy Couture ‘Halter Swimdress’

I love this swimsuit because it reminds me of suits from the 1950’s. The corset-style bodice and the apron inspired top remind me of pictures I have seen of my grandmother who was a swimsuit model for Jantzen. I love this style, I think it is subtly sexy, classic and flattering. I have seen a lot of this trend lately, and would really like to try to find an original in an antique clothing shop. Among the sea of over exposed, scantily clad bathing suits, I think this one would stand out in a crowd. P.s. Is it me or does this model resemble the Duffster?


Victoria Secret ‘Boho Print Banded Halter Top’

I have loved this suit for quite some time now. The color combination and the print are so vivid and bright. I also like the band around the waist and top. This suit would be great for women who are bigger on top and need a little more coverage than that of a string triangle top. This suit is perfect for the beach or a pool, and at the same time is sturdy enough to do outdoor activities without worrying about anything falling out. Added bonus: Great price level.


Splendid ‘Rainbow Stripe Suit’

Everything I have every seen that is Splendid is extremely comfortable. I can just imagine how comfy and soft this suit is. I like the simplicity of this suit. The stripes are great for the nautical effect, without being too ‘i just stepped off my sailboat.’ I love the color combination and the detailing on the top straps.


While picking the right swimsuit for your body is important, remember the most important thing to have is CONFIDENCE! If you go out there looking like you love yourself and are comfortable in your skin, people will not pay attention to your body and your attitude will rub off on them.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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