Terms of Service

Our style team wants you to have the most fulfilling, fun & easy personal styling and shopping experience possible. To keep things flowing smoothly, please review the terms of service. By submitting credit card information, you agree to the following terms of service.

Payment Policy

Your card will be charged at the  time your order is placed by your stylist for your pre-determined budget and any applicable shipping (standard $10). Your box total will be within $50 of the budget you have set.

Following your showing, any necessary adjustments to the final total will be made. For example, when you set your budget for $400, you will be charged $400 + shipping at the time your order is submitted by your stylist. If your box totals $450 and you keep every item will charge your card for the additional $50 upon completion of your showing with your stylist. Refunds will be processed per our return policy listed below.

Please note, we charge up front to improve your speed of service and make sure you receive the unique pieces you deserve.

Styling Fee

A $50 Styling Fee will be assessed on any of your first three boxes if you do not complete a live video showing with your stylist. Hit or miss, we need to know what works for you so your follow-up boxes can be successful.

Free Returns:

Free Returns are available for items returned within 14 days of receipt of box.

**Please allow 8 days for your return to arrive at T+P headquarters.**

Returns received more than 14 days after your receipt of box will incur a $10 return shipping charge that will be charged to the card on file.

Return Policy:

Change your mind on something post-showing? Please communicate your returns to your stylist. She won’t be offended and will be able to better serve you in the future.

Refunds will be issued for items returned within 14 days of client receipt.

Merchandise credit will be issued for items returned within 30 days of client receipt.

Returns for refund or merchandise credit will NOT be accepted 30 days after client receipt.

Please allow up to 7 business days from the date your return is received by T+P for refunds to be credited to your account.

**Allow up to  7 business days for your return to arrive at T+P headquarters. Returns will be processed within 4 business days of receipt at the Tog+Porter home office.

Order Cancellation Policy:

Cancelling an order more than 48 hours after your initial consultation will result in a $30 Cancellation Charge.

Gift Cards:

Gift card purchases are non-refundable.

Payment Information:

Client acknowledges that she is authorized to use the credit card submitted in her payment profile, that bill to and ship to information is current and that she is at least 18 years-old.

Reach us by phone: (888) 894.2501 or mail: 3279 Stark Street, Eugene, OR 97404