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5.27.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

This week we said farewell to one of television’s favorites. Check out Oprah’s fashion hit and miss moments. Check out her best and worst beauty looks here. This is bad! Now there are fake red soles that you can stick to the bottom of your shoes to make them look like Louboutins! Remember back whenRead entire article »

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5.13.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Last week pictures of Bristol Palin surfaced that made us look twice. Now it is confirmed that she did, in fact have “necessary” surgery on her chin. Sure… Is red hair the biggest summer beauty trend? It is looking like it! Summer fashion inspiration from Sydney Fashion Week! Love the colors. AHHH! This is bad…Read entire article »

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4.22.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

This is crazy! Australian stores charge you to try on clothing! Blake Lively lands herself a spot on Times 100 Most Influential list, and we are not really sure why… Equally confusing, Tom Ford was the only person in the fashion industry to make the list! These are fabulous! 10 style tips from a 78-year-oldRead entire article »

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3.25.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

We are loving this blog, Corporette, a style and lifestyle blog for ‘overachieving’ chicks. Check it out and let us know what you think! We lost a style icon this past week. Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. Check out this great post about how to springify your wardrobe while still keepingRead entire article »

Women Waste 8 Years of their Lives in Stores!

3.07.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Just for Fun

Most women hate running errands. We would rather spend our time with family, friends and doing things we enjoy. Tog + Porter recognizes that and aims to lessen the time you have to spend shopping for clothing. Our goal is to deliver beautiful, easy clothing to your door so that you don’t have to spendRead entire article »

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3.04.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Cracked nail polish is hot hot hot right now! Our question, why pay money for chipped nails when ours do it a day after painting anyways? Head designer at Dior, John Galliano, was fired after making anti-Semitic remarks. People are wondering who will take his place, and he is checking into rehab. Wondering how toRead entire article »

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1.21.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

We had an awesome week here at Tog + Porter! We were featured on Koin 6 in Portland. Here is the video: New shoe trend: The ‘Flatform‘. I am not that into these, but who knows, trends have a way of growing on me! So, the Golden Globes were this past week, and while IRead entire article »

Ugg Etiquette

1.20.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

You know the feeling. It’s early, it’s cold out and you don’t really feel like putting your heels on today, so you opt for your sheepskin-lined Uggs. I understand. Trust me, I do. However, there is definitely a time when Uggs are simply not appropriate attire. Here is my opinion of good and bad timesRead entire article »

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1.15.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Many people don’t realize that we also get some pretty awesome jewelery, so if you want to get some in your next box, let us know! Here are s0me 2011 jewelery trends that we are excited about. I LOVE the rose gold Michael Kors watch, wishlist! Victoria Beckham is pregnant! Congratulations to the chic-est mom!Read entire article »

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12.17.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Refinery 29 breaks down 2010 in the world of fashion. From minimalism to McQueen, it is all there! This has gone too far! Someone needs to give the Kardashians a dose of reality, and quick. Check out their Christmas card this year. I have so many things to say, but I just can’t! Christmas sweaterRead entire article »