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We Inspire You: Tog+Porter’s Pinterest Boards

Seeing is believing.  Visualization is a powerful tool for people to achieve their ideals through the images they see.  In 2011, Pinterest changed the way people collected images and created inspiration boards. Tog and Porter uses Pinterest as its main tool to inspire our clients 24/7.  Our inspiration boards include the following: Seasonal Themes OurRead entire article »

Identifying Wardrobe Essentials

Its a tough situation- you look at your closet and its a jumble of cute sweaters, blouses, skirts etc… but you can’t find anything to pair them with. You’ve already changed your outfit 4 times and you’re fed up. Sound familiar? It probably means that you are lacking a few wardrobe essentials. Those perfect piecesRead entire article »

We’ve got your Back: The Fashion Emergency

A few weeks ago, one of our clients, Jamie Wong of the travel agency Vayable, had a fashion emergency and needed our help. Jamie was being interviewed by Glamour.com’s Jen Weinberg for a special post on Jamie’s style, travel essentials, and home. A day before the shoot, Jamie called Tog+Porter asking for help. Because JamieRead entire article »