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Interior Inspiration: White Spaces

3.13.2015 WRITTEN BY Amy Bialek Inspiration, T+P Blog Central

It’s time to splash a little color on those bare walls. As the crisp and warm air of spring is upon us, there’s no better way than to welcome the coming season with eclectic living space accessories and budding bouquets of florals. Here at Tog + Porter, our favorite white spaces are styled with nostalgic art,Read entire article »

How to Wear Mint

5.02.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, Inspiration, What to Wear

Mint is such a cool, happy and yummy color for spring. Not to mention it makes you look tan, and is a universally flattering shade. Mint might just be our favorite spring color. One question we’ve been getting a lot from our clients is “I love the color, but I don’t know what to pairRead entire article »

The Return of the Culotte

4.30.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear

That’s right ladies, culottes are back! Once a 70’s staple, the culotte falls somewhere between gauchos and tailored pants. Seen on runways from Dior to Derek Lam, to Givenchy- the culotte is undeniably making a comeback. Even Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing an airy, silk pair to the Dior runway show in Paris (and sheRead entire article »

Fashion Tevas?

Yes, the ugly footwear trend continues. But is it a bad thing? Last time it was Birkenstocks, now completely acceptable again and totally on trend for this summer, and now….Tevas. Anyone who had kids or went to summer camp in the 90’s knows what we’re talking about. They are the water proof, velcro equipped, hikingRead entire article »