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Reader Question: White Shoes

5.23.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

Sending an S.O.S. to Tog + Porter’s stylists! Erynn from Santa Barbara writes: “I always thought wearing white shoes was considered a fashion crime (that’s what the girls in my sorority told me), but now I’m starting to see them all over. Are they in now? What should I wear them with and can you recommend aRead entire article »

Tuesday Quick Tip

4.23.2013 WRITTEN BY Maureen T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

In a shoe mood? What girl isn’t?!  Whether you have an old pair of shoes you just can’t get rid of (but are in desperate need of some sprucing up) or are just wanting to craft some spring style, you can do so with anything already in your closet. Extend the wear and add someRead entire article »

Tuesday Quick Tip

4.09.2013 WRITTEN BY Camilla T+P Blog Central, Tuesday Tips

Not sure how to wear spring’s trendy cropped trouser? Try a fitted top with a blazer and pumps for a conservative feel, perfect for the office. What to be a little more daring? Try a cropped top and some strappy heels. Gladiator heels would take it to another level. Want more ideas? Just let us knowRead entire article »