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3 Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

11.09.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett How to Wear, Inspiration

There are many factors that make Thanksgiving stressful, here are some tips to get you through it: One shopping trip doesn’t cut it  Although it would be ideal, you can’t purchase all the food you’ll need for turkey day in a single trip. The biggest problem isn’t going to be fitting all of the groceries inRead entire article »

What We Do

7.22.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central, What We Do

It’s so easy for us to make snap judgments when it comes to fashion. In some ways, we’re almost forced to. There’s such an overabundance of choice out there, ruling out certain looks, styles and trends can make shopping for ourselves much easier. But have you ever wondered if these blinders we create for ourselvesRead entire article »

What We Do

10.01.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central, What We Do

Tog + Porter not only shops for you, be we put looks together for you with personalized, efficient consultations that fit your schedule.Even better, the styling advice is totally free. It’s like having a personal stylist, a personal shopper and a specialty boutique at your fingertips. (Image via Tog + Porter)

Stylishly Linked

4.08.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Spring trend alert: Wildly colorful pants. I know some of you are a bit skeptical about it but try stepping out of your comfort zone! Cheat sheet guide to the right denim fit for each body type. Apparently retail stores think spending a lot of money on nice dressing rooms will make people purchase more…Read entire article »

Style Icon: Mila Kunis

3.14.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Celebrity Style, Inspiration

Ever since Mila Kunis landed on our best dressed list twice this award season, I have been keeping my eye on her. And I am back to report that I am truly impressed. Girlfriend has got it going on! Aside from spankin’ new rumors that she is seeing newly single Justin Timberlake (who we allRead entire article »

Women Waste 8 Years of their Lives in Stores!

3.07.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Just for Fun

Most women hate running errands. We would rather spend our time with family, friends and doing things we enjoy. Tog + Porter recognizes that and aims to lessen the time you have to spend shopping for clothing. Our goal is to deliver beautiful, easy clothing to your door so that you don’t have to spendRead entire article »

Welcome Tiffany!

12.27.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Inspiration

Welcome to our newest T+P Stylist, Tiffany! We’re so happy to welcome her So Cal style sensibility to our team. Learn more about Tiffany and request an appointment today.

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10.31.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

I would (actually I just did) absolutely buy this! Baby playground couture! Now your little bundle of joy can tote around a her own Chanel! I bought it for my baby niece Addison, who ironically enough, is in a competition to be a Baby GAP model! Go vote for her here! You can vote everyRead entire article »

Stylishly Linked

9.09.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

T + P designer, Three Dots, is featured in the September issue of InStyle Magazine. Cute sweats, we want a pair! Check them out here. Some say Chanel can do no wrong… But I say, I don’t really feel like looking like a yeti. Peep their Fall 2010 accessories here. A few of the thingsRead entire article »