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Celebrating our Mother’s

4.29.2015 WRITTEN BY Alexandra Ledezma T+P Blog Central, What We Do

Let’s face it, mom’s are busy all the time. Somehow they manage to juggle work, take care of the little ones, and all the other little things life throws at them. Here at Tog + Porter,  it’s our mission to help give back to the busy mothers in our life. We love a powerful women who can takeRead entire article »

Keeping the Romance Alive

5.22.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie Style Guide, T+P Blog Central

After a couple of years of marriage, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You’ve gotten what you set out for: the ring, your dreamboat and the title of Mrs. You’re off the market, so who do you have to impress? You’d rather spend your resources on building a family and/or focusing on your career, but making these your sole focusRead entire article »

Dear Mom, Love Maureen

5.09.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

More than anything mom you gave me ambition. Every day you taught me to work hard, and then harder. You encouraged me to follow my dreams and you drove me to and from my first retail job at 15, before I could even drive. You let me explore my style (even that Cher Horowitz plastic skirtRead entire article »

Dear Mom, Love Camilla

5.08.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

Growing up, I always found your jewelry box to be a completely magical place. There was nothing more thrilling than spending hours upon hours perusing through your exquisite collection of not only fine jewelry, but your carefully curated costume jewelry as well. Your love of jewelry taught me that no matter how simple your outfit;Read entire article »

Quick and Effective Workouts

7.23.2012 WRITTEN BY Katie T+P Blog Central

It’s hard to fit in that daily 30 minutes of exercise when you have kids or are traveling and cannot get to a gym. Luckily, there are many things you can incorporate into your every day life to burn some extra calories. Own a trampoline? Instead of watching your kids play on it, join them!Read entire article »

Client Spotlight

5.27.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Customer Profiles, T+P Blog Central

Like we said in our last Client Spotlight, we can’t help ourselves from bragging about the amazing women we dress here at Tog + Porter. We recently got the opportunity to dress  BlogHer entertainment editor Morgan Shanahan from the818.com. (check out her blog when you get a chance, it’s quite entertaining) Morgan was on herRead entire article »