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Fighting Winter Dryness

2.19.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah T+P Blog Central

To all of our T+P gals East of the Mississippi, our hearts go our to you- it’s been one rough winter. It feels as if all you need to do to get to Narnia is hop on the next flight to the  Midwest, et voila, the land of eternal winter.  Here on the West Coast,Read entire article »

Quick and Effective Workouts

7.23.2012 WRITTEN BY Katie T+P Blog Central

It’s hard to fit in that daily 30 minutes of exercise when you have kids or are traveling and cannot get to a gym. Luckily, there are many things you can incorporate into your every day life to burn some extra calories. Own a trampoline? Instead of watching your kids play on it, join them!Read entire article »