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Make time for childhood regression this month with Design Love Fest’s free calendar templates. The Queen of Happiness, Gretchen Rubin, gives us 7 Tips for Sticking to Your Resolutions. Did “Exercise” make your list of Resolutions for 2013?  Shape recommends “Reverse Resolutions” to meet your healthy goals. We didn’t see the end in 12-12-12 but will weRead entire article »

Quick and Effective Workouts

7.23.2012 WRITTEN BY Katie T+P Blog Central

It’s hard to fit in that daily 30 minutes of exercise when you have kids or are traveling and cannot get to a gym. Luckily, there are many things you can incorporate into your every day life to burn some extra calories. Own a trampoline? Instead of watching your kids play on it, join them!Read entire article »